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Umpire Cheatsheet

Ages primarily follow these division breakdowns
  • Minors AA - 8-10
  • Minors AAA - 10-11
  • Majors - 11-12
  • Intermediates - 11-13
  • Juniors - 12-15
Rule Matrix by Division

Rule Minors (AA,AAA) Majors Intermediate/Juniors
Innings 6 6 7
Regulation game 4 4 5
Mercy 15 after 3; 10 run after 4 15 after 3; 10 run after 4 15 after 4; 10 run after 5
Inning Run Limit 5 none none
Soft Stop (no new inning) 2 hrs 2 hrs 2 hrs 15 minutes
Hard Stop 2 hrs 15 minutes 2 hrs 15 minutes 2 hrs 30 minutes
On-Deck Circle Not allowed Not allowed Allowed
Head first slide Not when advancing Not when advancing Allowed
Infield Fly Yes Yes Yes
Dropped 3rd Strike No Yes Yes
Stealing Modified (see below) Modified (see below) Standard
Balks No (see below) No (see below) Yes
Hit Batter LimitYes (see below)NoNo

League wide rules

  • Bats must be marked USABat or made of wood 
Safety Rules
  • No batting donuts 
  • Catcher masks must have “dangling” throat guard 
  • No players outside the fence should be swinging a bat 
  • Lightning: Halt game if lightning less than 10 miles away; 30 minutes must elapse after storm 
Field Rules
  • MINORS/MAJORS: Stealing: Runners may not take a lead and cannot leave the base until the ball has crossed home plate. Please see LL Rule 7.13 for full details and penalty for leaving early. 
  • MINORS: Limit one steal of home per inning 
  • MINORS/MAJORS: Balks are NOT called but there can be illegal pitches; Dead ball; penalty is a ball. Please see LL Rule 8.05 for full details 
  • MINORS: If a pitcher hits three (3) batters “on the fly” in one one game, the pitcher will be removed from and will not be eligible to return to the pitcher position for the remainder of the game. 
  • Pitchers may not wear white or gray sleeves
  • Pitchers may not wear neoprene sleeves unless covered by an undershirt
  • One offensive timeout per inning
  • Pitcher visits. 2 per inning, 3rd visit a removal; 3 per game, 4th visit a removal