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Juniors tournament run comes to an end

posted Jul 29, 2015, 7:14 AM by Darren Petrie   [ updated Jul 29, 2015, 12:05 PM ]
The MCLL Juniors team was knocked out of the MD State Little League Juniors Tournament last night.  Losing to District 6 Talbot 12-4.  The Juniors finish the tournament 2-2.

District 2 (MCLL) 4 - District 1 (Maugansville) 9
District 2 (MCLL) 9 - District 5 (North East) 7
District 2 (MCLL) 10 - District 7 (St. Mary's) 0
District 2 (MCLL) 4 - District 6 (Talbot) 12

Well done boys!

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Andrew Abrams
Kevin Allison
Sam Eig
Justin McDermott
Kollin Miller
Brandon Orem
Joshua Petrie
Nathan Proctor
Payton Shoe
Logan Thiessen
Dominic Thompson
Jalen Toombs
Mitch Wasserman

Left to right. Andrew Abrams, Joshua Petrie, Darren Petrie, Payton Shoe, Marc Thompson, Kevin Allison, Nathan Proctor, Scott Wasserman, Brandon Orem, Mitch Wasserman. Not pictured. Sam Eig, Justin McDermott, Kollin Miller, Logan Thiessen, Dominic Thompson, Jalen Toombs.

Jesse and Sadie Petrie pose with District 2 banner

Waldorf tournament field

Tournament hopes high in Game #1

Loyal fans make the trek to Waldorf for 9 PM games.

Justin McDermott pitches to Talbot