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MCLL Day - 2018

posted Jun 6, 2018, 10:06 AM by Brett Bonifant   [ updated Jun 8, 2018, 2:35 PM ]
Thanks to all who showed up and participated in our 2018 MCLL Day Celebration!

 Congratulations to all who made the All-Star teams and those who participated and won the individual skills competitions. The winners for each game/competition played are listed below.

The winners of the All-Star matches are:
Coach Pitch: UC won the first game; LC won the second game
Minors AA: Lower County
Minors AAA: Lower County

The winners of our skills competition are:


Road Runner
1st Place - Cameron Cowan
2nd Place - Immanuel Campbell
3rd Place - Evelyn Avillo

Golden Arm
1st Place - Xander Orsin
2nd Place - Luc Girardot
3rd Place - Tyler Maxwell

Home Run Derby
1st Place - Thomas Sabalbaro
2nd Place - Erik Helmers
3rd Place - Hugo Ott


Road Runner
1st Place - Nick Appleton
2nd Place - John Crowder
3rd Place - Easton Gouldthorpe

Golden Arm
1st Place - Henry Appleton
2nd Place - Dominic Bradley
3rd Place - Ryan Griffiths

Home Run Derby
1st Place - DJ Freeman
2nd Place - Zach Roach
3rd Place - Jojo Liebreich



Road Runner
1st Place - Angie Aguirre
2nd Place - Lucy Iandoli
3rd Place - Claire Gotzman

Golden Arm
1st Place -Kassandra Acuna
2nd Place - Victoria Trilling
3rd Place -Bella Jakin

Home Run Derby
1st Place - Ava Simpson
2nd Place - Victoria Trilling
3rd Place - Bella Jakin


Road Runner

1st Place - Lizzie Nelson
2nd Place - Meredith Gotzman
3rd Place - Janelle Lee

Golden Arm
1st Place -Emily Siansky
2nd Place - Asha Miller
3rd Place -Wendy Beattie

Home Run Derby
1st Place - Asha Miller
1st Place - Lizzie Nelson
2nd Place - Carys Davenport
2nd Place - Kassandra Acuna