MCLL Day is a celebration of our players and the community in which we play as a league. This is the day we recognize their play, growth, and the outstanding group of players that make up our league! Little League, which began in 1939, now has over 2.5 million children participating in all 50 states. Montgomery County Little League has more than 2,200 players and 400 volunteers this Spring!

Each division will have a certain number of representatives for the All-Star games. We ask that if any player can not attend MCLL Day that they let their Manager know BEFORE all-star players are chosen. The remaining players are eligible to participate in the Player Skills Competitions. The Player Skills Competitions are meant for players who were not selected for the All-Star games so that more players from each team can participate.


South Germantown Park

14501 Schaeffer Road

Boyds, MD

2019 Schedule of Events



Volunteer opportunities for Coaches, Parents and all!

SSL Hours available for Middle School and High School Students!!

Click Here to Volunteer --> Volunteer SignUp Genius. Please read the details.


Good Sport Award and Skill Competition Awards:

The Good Sport Award is not focused on baseball skills or ability. This award goes to the Player that best exemplifies character and integrity. They show up to practices and games ready to play and willing to give 110%. They support their team mates at every opportunity and is respectful of their opponents. The Player you select for this award should be the one that best exemplifies the spirit of Little League; they are the one that shows consistent good sportsmanship and has a great attitude on and off the field.

All Awards will be handed out as per schedule below.

  • Upper County Coach Pitch - 9:00 AM - Field E

  • Lower County Coach Pitch - 11:00 AM - Field E

  • Minors AA - 12:30 PM - Field C

  • Minors AAA - 12:30 PM - Field C

  • Majors - 4:00 PM - Field C

  • Softball - 2:00 PM - Field E

All-Star Games

  • Upper County Coach Pitch - 9:00 AM - Field E

  • Lower County Coach Pitch - 10:30 AM - Field E

  • Minors AAA- 9:00 AM - Field C

  • Minors AA - 12:30 PM - Field C

  • Majors - 4:00 PM - Field C

Skills Competition Details:

There are three different skills competitions at each level:

  1. Home Run Derby – All participants Minors, Majors, Intermediate and Juniors will hit live pitched balls (coaches will pitch from 1/2 distance behind an L screen); each player gets 1 minute to hit.

  2. Golden Arm - Player will throw 6 balls at a stationary target, accumulating points for each throw.

  3. Road Runner - Player will be timed as they run around the bases once.

Medals will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd for each event. Medals will be presented at the conclusion of the Skills Competition.

All players not playing in an All-Star game are eligible for the Skills Competition. Each Minors and Majors team will send the following number of players to the competitions:

  • Home Run Derby - 1 Player

  • Golden Arm - 1 Player

  • Road Runner - 1 Player




Minors AA Golden Arm

Minors AA Road Runner

Minors AA Home Run Derby

Majors Golden Arm

Majors Road Runner

Majors Home Run Derby

Softball (All Players have opportunity to participate in all of the softball skill challenges)