Tournament of Champions

The Tournament of Champions (TOC) is a District 2 tournament in which the season champion from each District 2 league meet in a single elimination tournament.

In addition to TOC there is the Dave Fogle (DF) Tournament at Frederick National. A second team will be sent from MCLL to play in this tournament.

MCLL crowns the season champion based on the winner of the MCLL playoffs. This playoff is seeded from and follows the regular season. The MCLL playoff may be double elimination or single elimination and will depend on factors such as available time and fields.

Here is how the representatives for the TOC and DF tournaments will be selected.

  • The MCLL Tournament winner plays in TOC.
  • If the MCLL Tournament winner was also the regular season winner, then the 2nd place regular season team plays in DF.
  • If the MCLL Tournament winner was not the regular season winner, then the 1st place regular season team goes to DF.

This scenario awards teams for a good regular season but gives everyone a chance at the TOC. It also helps to ensure that our best teams are represented again the other districts.

Regular Season Champion is determined by the following criteria:

  1. Winning Percentage
  2. Head-to-head (If possible; must have equal games against in the event of multi-team)
  3. Runs Allowed
  4. Coin Toss