Concussion Training

Concussion Training is required of every Little League coach.

The State of Maryland now has a law in place regarding concussions that impacts youth sports organizations.  Given the potential issues regarding concussions that are now known, it makes sense to increase the awareness and understanding of that possibility and how a player, coach and parent should respond if it is believed that the player suffered one. 


If a player believes that they may have suffered a concussion then they should make their coach and parents aware of that event.  Coaches need to be aware of that possibility occurring during a practice or game and respond accordingly.  Parents should discuss any known event with both their children and the coach. 


Everyone should understand that if there is any doubt about a concussion then the prudent course of action is to stop playing in that game or practice and consult with your family's physician.  The following information from the CDC and MD Department of Education are merely guidelines to follow.  


Maryland Law regarding Concussions

Maryland Dept. of Education's Guidelines for the law

Parent / Athlete Information Sheet provided by CDC