Intermediate/ Juniors/Seniors Rules

Montgomery County Little League (MCLL)

2023 Local Rules

Baseball Intermediate/Juniors/Seniors Division

Ratified: February 26, 2023

MCLL teen divisions will be governed by the rules set forth by “Little League Baseball Official Regulations, Playing Rules, and Policies”, also known as “The Green Book” unless noted and modified below. Please be familiar with the official LL rules. 

The rules below are primarily to help clarify common areas of confusion, emphasis safety rules or set a local rule that varies from a Little League rule.  Note:  We play against other D2 teams so certain D2 “local” rules, such as game time limits, will take precedence over the rules below.

Rules related to safety, good sportsmanship and the proper teaching of fundamental baseball skills should receive the highest priority.  All rules below apply to both the regular season and playoffs unless otherwise noted.

Umpire Summary for Intermediates, Juniors and Seniors

Game Format

Safety Rules

Field Rules