Player Evaluations

Who Gets Evaluated?

All baseball players registered for player pitch Minors AA, Minors AAA and Majors require an evaluation for the Spring 2022 season. If your player is registered for Coach Pitch but you think they might be able to play Minors AA, they should evaluate as well. There are no evaluations for Fall 2022.

Player evaluations are an important part of the team formation/draft process to help us achieve MCLL’s objectives of placing players at the appropriate skill level (division), achieving team parity and compliance with Little League International rules. It also helps create a memorable, fun, and fair playing environment for all players. To be clear, evaluations are not a tryout. All players are placed on a team regardless of skill level.

Evaluations will start in early 2022. A sign up will be posted here once the evaluation dates and locations are determined.

All federal, state, and local COVID-19 requirements and best practices will be followed.

2022 Evaluation Schedule/Locations

There will be multiple player evaluation sessions to choose from in Jan and Feb.

To Sign-Up

The sign-up genius link was e-mailed to all players that require an evaluation. If you did not receive one, but believe your player needs to be evaluated please send an e-mail to

What Parents/Players Should Know

  • What should my son/daughter bring to evaluations?

    • Players should bring a baseball glove, bat, batting helmet, and water bottle. Batting gloves optional.

    • Sneakers only, NO CLEATS!!

    • We will not be evaluating catchers, so no need to bring catcher's gear.

    • Face coverings are required for all players and guardians.

  • Why do you hold player evaluations?

  • To ensure players are placed at the appropriate level and to create parity among the teams. Occasionally we have parents request a level of play for their son or daughter. Although we understand the many different reasons for the request, we encourage parents to trust this process and the value of skill evaluation. Over the years what we have discovered is in using the evaluation data for placement, the player benefits, has higher success and a better overall experience.

  • What does the evaluation entail?

  • The evaluation will cover fielding, throwing, catching, hitting and pitching.

  • How long will the evaluation take?

  • The evaluation should not take longer than 30 minutes

  • We ask that players arrive no sooner than 10 minutes early to sign-in. Players should bring a baseball glove, bat, helmet, water bottle, and turf appropriate shoes or sneakerss (no cleats).

  • What do I do if my child cannot attend an evaluation or I am not comfortable having them attend due to the pandemic?

    • Contact the league's Player Agent via e-mail at

    • We will offer you the options available in order to be placed on a team.