Player Evaluations

Evaluations for 2020 are closed.

What are player evaluations?

  • Player evaluations consist of assessing players in their ability to catch, throw, field, hit and pitch. Player evaluations are NOT tryouts. All players that register are assigned to a team regardless of skill or baseball/softball experience. Players must be registered for the Spring 2020 season in order to be evaluated.

Who gets evaluated?

  • Evaluations ARE REQUIRED for:
    • Baseball Minors & Majors players (including returning Majors players unless otherwise provided an exemption by the Player Agent)
  • Evaluations ARE NOT REQUIRED for:
    • Tee-Ball players
    • Baseball Coach Pitch players
    • Baseball Intermediates, Juniors, and Seniors players
    • Softball players

Why does MCLL hold player evaluations?

  • To ensure players are placed at the appropriate level and to create parity among the teams. Although players register for a specific level of play, sometimes a player may not be ready for that level or they may be ready for a higher level of play. Through the data we collect during evaluations we are able to work with parents to adjust division placement to better match a player's skill level and also use that data to inform team formation to ensure team parity. The evaluation process is conducted for the benefit of players in order to maximize their growth potential and overall experience.

What if my child cannot attend any of the evaluation dates?

  • If your child is required to be evaluated and unable to make any of the evaluation dates you must notify the Player Agent: Players that are required to be evaluated must attend one of the evaluation dates in order to be placed on a team or make alternative arrangements with the Player Agent.

What Parents/Players Should Know

  • What should my son/daughter bring to evaluations?
    • Players should bring a baseball glove, bat, helmet, and wear sneakers
    • NO Cleats!! All evaluations are indoors.
    • NO Catchers gear! We will NOT be evaluating catchers.
  • How are evaluations run?
    • All registered players that are required to be evaluated will receive an e-mail with a sign-up genius link to sign-up for an evaluation date/time slot. The number of spots per time slot is limited to the number in the sign-up genius.
    • MCLL uses an assessment scoring system for all players and provides scores for players with regards to specific skill sets (batting, catching (the skill, not the position), throwing, fielding, and pitching), as well as an overall score for each player.
    • During the Player Evaluations, MCLL will utilize multiple volunteers at each station that have been trained in the scoring system in advance to obtain a fair scores for each player.
    • All scores are kept confidential and only revealed to those involved in the team formation/draft process.
  • How long will the evaluation take?
    • The evaluation process will take approximately 30-45 minutes.