Montgomery County Little League (MCLL) Draft and Team Formation Procedure

Ratified January 31, 2023

Team Formation/Draft Procedure Guidelines

Adopted January 31, 2023

This document defines the process for forming teams for the Spring Season and applies to both baseball and softball unless otherwise noted. 

The objectives of the team formation process is to:

II. Definitions:

“Career Player”  - Once a player is assigned to a Majors team, the player will remain with that returning team for the duration of the player's participation in that Division.

“Draftee” - A player who is placed in a draft pool and eligible to be picked by a Coach during the draft process.

“Player Evaluations” or “Evaluations” - The evaluation process in which players are run through a series of drills to assess and evaluate the skills, athleticism, emotional and physical maturity, and baseball/softball knowledge of draftees. See Operating Guidelines for more information.

“Returning Team” - A Majors team in which a core of 3 players are returning from the previous Majors Spring season. A returning team will stay together along with the coach. If the coach is not returning a new coach will be assigned to the returning team. In cases where a team is returning with fewer than 3 players, the players become draftees and are guaranteed placement within the same division of play.  The Player Agent may decide it is not in the best interest of players or league and dissolve a team and return its players to the draft pool. ONLY Majors teams will remain together.  Teams at all other levels are disbanded at the end of each season.

III. Team Formation/Draft Process

IV. Tee-Ball Division Team Formation Procedures:

V.  Coach Pitch/Rookie Ball Division Team Formation Procedures:

VI.  Minors Division Team Formation Procedures:

VII. Majors Division Draft Procedures:

VIII.  Intermediate Baseball Division League Team Formation Procedures:

IX. Juniors/Seniors Baseball Division League Team Formation  Procedures:

X.  Juniors/Seniors Softball Team Formation Procedures: