MCLL is part of Little League MD District 2.

MCLL started out as Germantown Athletic Club (GAC). In Fall 2012 Little League approved the charter for Montgomery County Little League (MCLL). MCLL started LL play in Spring 2013. In Dec 2015 MCLL merged with Bethesda Little League and started play in Spring 2016. The league followed a split division format with an Upper County consisting of primarily the former MCLL area and a Lower County consisting of primarily the former BLL area. In the first season MCLL only offered Minors and Majors in LC with a full slate of divisions offered in Fall 2016.

Softball had been a part of GAC and MCLL but declining registrations led to the termination of softball in MCLL following the 2015 season. In 2017 softball was started again and has been a solid program with 378 girls competing in Spring 2022

In order to bettter maintain a balance between the split divisioin the UC/LC border was adjusted in Spring 2022.

MCLL registrations have continued to climb with 2,174 players in Spring 2022 and 1,634 players in Fall 2022