Conduct Policy

Conduct Policy for Coaches

Montgomery County Little League of Maryland, Inc. (MCLL) requires that all potential coaches and assistant coaches read, understand and accept the following policy which outlines our expectations of a coach while they are associated with the league.

a. The mission of our league is to provide children a place to play baseball/softball in an atmosphere that promotes fun, learning, cooperation, good sportsmanship, self-esteem, and a love of baseball/softball.

b. MCLL baseball/softball places winning in its proper context: winning is fun but it is NOT as important as teaching the players the fundamentals of the game of baseball or softball in a safe, positive and fun manner that builds cooperation and self-esteem while also promoting good sportsmanship and a love of the game.

c. The parents, families, relatives and sponsors of MCLL trust our league to provide a safe environment for all participants regardless of their race, color, ethnicity, religion or gender. As such, MCLL will not tolerate abuse in any form whether it is emotional, physical or sexual.

d. As a coach, you need to remember that YOUR conduct is being watched by players, parents and coaches at games and practices and you should act accordingly. You should never say or yell a negative comment about another child, coach, parent or umpire in front of children, including never openly complain about an umpire's call.

e. You need to promote a drug, alcohol, and tobacco-free sports environment and agree to assist by refraining from using any such products at all youth sports events.

f. You agree to attend all MCLL sponsored coaches’ meetings, clinics and seminars. You will also help to promote league functions and fundraisers since these are vital to the operations of the league.

g. If you witness another coach acting in a manner that is not appropriate then you are requested to report it as an incident and complete a report and submit it into your division’s commissioner in a timely fashion.

h. Any coach that is found to be disregarding the conduct expected of a coach, as outlined above, will be disciplined accordingly up to and including removal from that position.

i. Adults who assume volunteer roles within MCLL have the opportunity for a very rewarding experience and the league truly appreciates all of the time and effort that goes into coaching a team. The opportunity to work with young players is a privileged position of trust that should be held only by those who are willing to demonstrate behavior that fulfills that trust.

j. You agree to promote and comply with all safety and health guidance/requirements including MCLL's ASAP Plan and ASAP Plan Addendum (COVID-19 Return to Play Guidance).