Parent Contract, Waivers, and Releases

The following must be agreed to as part of the registration process. 


Whereas I agree to help my child enjoy MCLL baseball/softball to the greatest extent possible, I hereby support the MCLL mission statement, which reads:

The mission of MCLL baseball/softball is to provide the children of the Montgomery County area a place to play baseball/softball in an atmosphere that promotes fun, learning, cooperation, good sportsmanship, self-esteem, and a love of baseball/softball.

MCLL baseball/softball places winning in its proper context: winning is fun, but far from paramount. Winning is NOT as important as fun and learning, building cooperation and self-esteem, and promoting good sportsmanship and a love of baseball/softball.

MCLL's in-house baseball/softball leagues are for children, parents, and coaches seeking and committed to promoting a baseball/softball experience that keeps competition within this context. Children and adults seeking a more competitive experience are invited to speak with their Division Commissioners or other League members about other options that may exist.

MCLL reminds every parent and coach that MCLL is for and about "THE CHILDREN."

I further agree to:


Read before accepting

In consideration of allowing my minor child to participate in any MCLL athletic programs, related events and activities, I acknowledge, appreciate and agree that:


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I hereby give my permission to Montgomery County Little League (MCLL), to use photographs and video taken during the games and events associated with MCLL in any manner to help promote the league activities.Such use could include publications, media releases, public announcements, electronic or otherwise, and on league websites or social media pages. I agree that neither I, nor my child, will receive any compensation if such image appears in any of the manners listed above or other manner that the league deems appropriate. I agree that such image is the property of MCLL.