MCLL Baseball Skills Proficiency Goals

 (Baseball Divisions)

In the interest of providing general guidelines for both coaches and players to track their progress through consecutive seasons, MCLL has developed the following “Proficiency Goals,” showing what players can reasonably expect to learn during their time in each division.  In some instances, you’ll encounter techniques that can take years to develop, but introducing the concepts early on allows both the very best players as well as our newest, novice players to each find helpful challenges to build their skillsets.  Likewise, coaches will benefit from exposure to these concepts early on, before moving up to divisions where they’ll be put in play more regularly.  Please note that players can generally expect to spend 2 or more seasons (Fall and Spring) in each division of MCLL baseball, so there is no expectation of mastering each division’s goals in a single season. 

NOTE:  There are numerous methods of teaching just about everything in baseball, so the following goals should be considered a map of general goals.  Coaches and players are encouraged to research and pursue their own methods of learning and implementing these concepts.  MCLL provides our community with access to both Little League University and Dominate the Diamond, both excellent resources for drills that can help players and coaches (ask your coach or commissioner for more info).  As we continue to grow as a league, we will provide further tools that can help coaches and players progress at a similar pace, no matter the coach or the team for which they play.  As always, “having fun” is the #1 goal behind anything we do in Little League.