Frequently Asked Questions

The #1 Question - Where are games?

Depending where you live and fall in our boundary, our games are mainly based in the Gaithersburg / Germantown area for Upper County and Bethesda area for Lower County.

The #2 Question - Where can I see the practice schedule?

Until field permits are issued by the County, specific times and days for field availability aren’t available. Practices are typically held on weekdays and start at either 5:30 or 6pm. The exact day of the week is determined by the individual coaches and they usually solicit feedback from parents on preferred days. Permits are issued by the County in late February.

Section 1: League Questions

1. How do I get in touch with MCLL to ask questions?

If your question is not answered in the responses below please make sure to search our web site. If you still have questions you can send an email to and we will respond to your question, typically in less than 24 hours.

2. What age levels do you offer?

Our divisions of play are described on the web site.

3. My child is eligible for more than one level? Which level should I register for?

The registration system will only allow you to register for the divisions that you are age eligible for. However your child’s age may allow you to choose from more than one division. If you are new to baseball/softball you are probably best to play at a lower division for a season. You can always email us at and we can give you a recommendation based on your age and experience.

4. Can my child play up or down a division?

Players can play up if their skill level allows them. Under certain circumstances, subject to league approval, parents can request a player to play down.

5. What does "League Age" mean?

League age is the age a player will be at a determined cutoff date. League ages are used by almost all youth sports leagues to restrict players from being above a certain age during a season. For Spring the Little League cutoff date is 8/31 of the Spring season. This date was set to correspond to best align with grade ages and to cover the full season.This means if your child has a birthday in July or August they could be 10 years old and considered league age 11 for that Spring. If a division is set to be 10 and under, the idea is that at no time in the season will any players be 11.

6. Will my child be playing with other kids his age?

Ages may vary within a division within 1-2 years. As players progress up, their skill level will be used to place them in the proper division based on skill. At the kid pitch level they will be playing with other kids in the same age group, within 1-2 years as much as possible.

7. Can my child play on a team with his friend?

After evaluations, we divide the players up based on skill level. We do take requests, but we do not guarantee they will be honored. Above Tee-Ball our main obligation is to ensure the teams are equal in skill level.

8. Do you offer girls softball?

Yes. Our divisions of play are described on the web site.

9. Do you offer machine-pitch?

No. MCLL believes that coach pitch is a better approach to developing young hitters than machine pitch.

10. Can a player participate on more than one team?

At the older levels the schedules have been designed so kids can play on both a Majors team and an Intermediates team or alternatively an Intermediates team and a Juniors team. A discount of 50%, if available will be given on the lower priced division when playing two divisions.

11. Do you have a higher level of baseball/softball than recreational?

Little League is designed so ALL children wishing to play have the opportunity to do so. If your child has advanced skills, they can play up to the highest level matching their capabilities. We also offer a Sunday Select program for ages 8-12 that provides additional training and games.

12. How long is the baseball/softball season?

The baseball/softball season runs from early April to early June. Typically opening the first weekend of April and ending the weekend before the last day of school for MCPS. MCLL does not play any games on Easter or Memorial Day weekends.

13. Does MCLL have insurance?

Yes, we have excess medical insurance for all participants as well as a general liability policy. Participants should have medical insurance prior to the start of participation. Here is a link to What Parents Should Know About Little League Insurance

Section 2: Registration Questions

1. How do I register for a team?

Simply click the orange “Register Now” button that is on our home page. This will walk you through the registration process. This button is only present when registration is open.

2. What is the registration fee and what does it cover?

The registration fee goes to help cover the costs of field permits; team equipment (bases,balls, catcher's gear, etc.); player uniforms; umpires (Minors and above); field maintenance; end-of-season trophies; and other expenses. Registration fees only cover part of operating costs and are supplemented by corporate team sponsorships.

3. How do your fees compare to other baseball/softball leagues?

As we are a non-profit community organization, we set our fees to cover the actual costs per player. We have had kept our rates fairly steady the past three years. Our fees are comparable to other similar baseball/softball organizations in the area. If you compare the number of games we offer compared to other programs, MCLL is a much better value!

4. What is your refund policy?

Our full refund policy is on the web site here: Refund Policy

5. What is the sibling discount?

The sibling discount of $25 applies to every registration after the initial registration of subsequent players from the same family, irrespective of age level.

6. What equipment will I need for my player?

See the Equipment page on our web site. Your player’s uniform (jersey, pants, belt (Coach Pitch and above), hat and socks) are provided by the league and the cost is included in your registration fee. At a minimum, your player will need a batting helmet and fielding glove for his/her catching hand. A bat sized to your player and baseball/softball cleats are highly recommended. Batting gloves are optional.

7. How do we get the uniform?

When you sign up you will select the uniform size that fits your player the best. A uniform will be ordered and the coach of your team will hand out the uniforms when they come in before the season starts.

8. Will there be any fundraising activities?

The league relies on corporate sponsorships to supplement registration fees. Additionally the league may hold fundraising activities such as restaurant proceeds when eating out at designated restaurants.

Section 3: Team Questions

1. How are the players placed on a team?

MCLL is committed to being fair and objective in the assignment of players to teams. MCLL makes every reasonable effort to place players on the team of their choice, as requested in the comments of the registration record. We also aim to assign teams based on player geography (residence and school). However, we are committed to balanced team play and for that reason at the minors level and above we conduct evaluations to help ensure proper level placement and competitive team formation. Our tee-ball and coach pitch divisions are formed purely on geography and requests.

2. Who will coach my player’s team?

During the registration process coach applications will be accepted by MCLL. Each applicant for a coach’s position will have a background check performed and must be accepted by the Board of Directors. The majority of coaches are parents of players; all coaches are volunteers.

3. When are teams formed?

Once coaches are selected, the player’s rosters will be assembled. The coaches will have the rosters before the first practice and will notify families when the practices will begin.

4. How much are coaches paid?

All our baseball and softball coaches are volunteers.

5. How do I become a coach?

We are always looking for volunteer coaches. Coaching youth is a rewarding experience and makes a meaningful and positive impact in their lives. No previous experience is required. If you’re interested in learning more about coaching, please contact us at

6. How many players are on a team?

We strive to have teams of 12 players but it may vary slightly depending on coach availability.

Section 4: Game and Practice Questions

1. When are practices?

All practices are determined by the individual team coaches. Practices are typically held on weeday evenings, but can be held on Sunday as well.

2. Where are practices?

We secure permits for fields throughout Montgomery County and make every effort to get fields that offer teams the opportunity to practice on a field that is convenient for parents. However, field permits are subject to availability.

3. How long are practices?

Practices are typically 60 minutes to 90 minutes in duration, depending on coach preference.

4. When are games?

Tee-ball teams will play on Saturday. Coach Pitch, Minors, Majors and Juniors will be on week day and on Saturday. Intermediates will play Wednesday and Saturday. Players are expected to make the majority of the games and are expected to notify the coach if a player cannot make a game or will be late.

5. Where are games played?

We have two regions within MCLL, an Upper County and a Lower County region. Upper county games are played in the Germantown/Gaithersburg area. Lower County games are played in the Bethesda area.

6. How long are games?

Coach Pitch, Minor and Majors play 6 inning games or 2 hours 15 minutes maximum. Intermediates and Juniors play 7 inning games or 2 hours 30 minutes maximum.

7. When will the game schedule be published?

We have to wait for Montgomery County and Park and Planning to issue permits for the fields that we will be using. Once our fields are confirmed, a schedule will be posted. This usually does not happen until late March.

8. What is SI Play?

SI Play, or Sports Illustrated Play, is used by our league for our coaches to communicate with the players and parents. Practice and game schedules along with player/parents contact information is included in order for parents to communicate with each other. If a practice or game is canceled or rescheduled, the coach will send out a notification using the SI Play app via text and email. SI Play Mobile App

9. Are there playoffs?

Tee-ball will not have playoff competitions. Coach Pitch and above will have playoffs which are scheduled after regular season games. Additionally teams will be entered into the Little League World Series tournament.

10. What are the Little League tournament team opportunities?

MCLL sponsors teams at the 8-10, 9-11, 10-12, Intermediate and Juniors levels for play in the Little League World Series. Play starts at the District level and proceeds to the State, Regional and finally the World Series.

Section 5: Rainouts

1. What happens when my child's practice is rained out?

Coaches are free to add additional practices if they desire but the league does not reschedule practices.

2. What happens when a game is rained out?

When there is a rainout the SI Play system will notify parents of the cancellation.

3. Will game rainouts be rescheduled?

Every attempt will be made to reschedule a game. The coaches will notify the teams as to when a rescheduled game will be played.

4. I was told there would be games one day during the week but now these rescheduled rainouts are making two games. Why?

Rain is a part of life. For baseball/softball teams it means rainouts. The county has jurisdiction to make decide when to close fields due to rain. With limited opportunities to reschedule games we do our best to get you the full set of games.

Section 6: Behavior

1. Can I be ejected from a game by the umpire?

Yes. We’re absolutely committed to making our playing fields a positive environment for everyone to enjoy. This is NOT a league for parents to live through their children or take away from the kids’ experience. It’s about two things: getting better and having fun!