Boundary Info

Little League defines boundaries for each league. Players must either (1) reside within the area of the boundary map or (2) attend an accredited school  within that area (MCPS or private schools, but not home-schooled). A list of eligible MCPS schools can be found below. 

The map below shows MCLL's approved boundary. The green line represents the "dividing line" between Upper County and Lower County. This designation only applies to registration for the the following Baseball Divisions:  Tee Ball, Rookie Ball, Coach Pitch, Minors AA, Minors AAA, and Majors.  For more information about this change and how it may impact your child please read the FAQ below.

Registration for Intermediates Baseball, Juniors Baseball, and all softball divisions are conducted on a countywide basis.  The dividing line change does not impact these divisions.

MCLL Upper and Lower County Dividing Line Change- Effective Spring 2022

At the December 2021 Board Meeting, the MCLL Board of Directors unanimously approved a modification to the internal boundary line dividing Upper County and Lower County.  As noted above, this line is only pertinent to players in the following Baseball Divisions:  Tee Ball, Rookie Ball, Coach Pitch, Minors AA, Minors AAA, and Majors and for purposes of forming MCLL Summer All-Star Teams.  

Please review the FAQ below for information about the dividing line change and how it may impact your child. 


Q:  What is the Upper County and Lower County dividing line?

A:  Due to MCLL's size (one of the largest Little Leagues in the country), this dividing line is necessary in order to comply with the Little League International (LLI) team limits at the Baseball Majors level.  Little League International only permits up to 10 majors teams per Little League.  As a result, MCLL must divide its Majors level into "divisions," which MCLL has chosen to do by geography.  In addition to meeting LLI requirements, Tee Ball, Rookie Coach Pitch, Coach Pitch Minors A, Player Pitch Minors AA and AAA are also split along the same new geographic line.  

Q:  Why did MCLL change the internal dividing line between Upper and Lower County?

A:  The dividing line that was previously in effect had been in place since MCLL and Bethesda Little League merged in 2015.  The line was not based on projected registrations and historic boundaries of the two leagues.  Starting in the winter of 2019 the MCLL Board of Directors began a study, based on historic registration numbers, trends, and field locations/capacity, to determine whether the existing dividing line met MCLL's current and future needs.  

Q:  How was the new dividing line decided upon?

A:  The new line was established based on a number of factors including registration trends over the past several years, a travel study estimating drive times to what have become MCLL's primary fields, and MCPS school clusters.  

Q:  What players does this change impact?

A:  Players that attend the following schools are now likely considered to be located in Upper County:  Bayard Rustin ES, Bells Mill ES, Beverly Farms ES, Cold Spring ES, Fallsmead ES, Meadow Hall ES, Potomac ES, Ritchie Park ES, Twinbrook ES, Wayside ES, Cabin John MS, Herbert Hoover MS, Winston Churchill HS, and Rockville HS. Additionally, players that attend any of the surrounding private schools (e.g., St. Andrews, Bullis, Mater Dei, and others) may also be impacted.  We strongly encourage you to review the map above and input your child's school and home address.    

Q:  What if my home address is still in Lower County, but my child's school (public or private) is in Upper County (or visa versa)?

A:  As was the case prior to the dividing line move, you get the choice of where your child should play.  Generally speaking for teams in the TB, Rookie Ball, Coach Pitch, and Minors AA divisions, teams are based on geography and requests.  Therefore, regardless of whether you are in Lower or Upper County, you will practice within a short distance to your child's school/home and games will also be at fields nearby.   

Q:  What if my child has played with MCLL before and is impacted by the change, does he/she have to change from Lower County to Upper County?

A:  In order to comply with LLI requirements, all players in the section of the border that moved from Lower County to Upper County (i.e. the impacted players) must play in Upper County EXCEPT players that (1) were registered to play with MCLL in Spring 2021 and (2) in Spring 2021 were drafted in LC Majors.  Players who meet those qualifications may register for Lower County in Spring 2022.  

Q:  What if I am new to MCLL, but my child wants to play with friends that have decided to stay in Lower County

A:  This circumstance will only affect impacted players that were in MCLL's competitive divisions (Minors AAA and Majors).  We would encourage you to talk with your circle of friends to discuss what the best decision will be for all children involved. 

Q:  My child has been playing in Lower County, what are the differences between playing in Upper vs. Lower County?

A:  MCLL has and continues to be ONE Little League.  You will play the same number of games and have the same number of practices.  The cost remains the same.  Teams will be formed in the same manner depending on your division of play and practice fields will be assigned based on team geography, regardless of whether the field is technically located in Upper or Lower County.  For those in the area impacted by the dividing line change, the primary difference, mainly for the older divisions (Minors and Majors) is you will now be driving more north for games (towards Rockville, Gaithersburg, and South Germantown) instead of going east (towards Silver Spring).  Based on the drivetime analysis the MCLL Board conducted between the impacted schools and our most commonly used fields, drive times should be the same, if not less than previously for impacted players.  

Q:  If I have already registered for MCLL or I did not realize the dividing line had changed and registered for Lower County instead of Upper County what should I do?

A:  MCLL will be monitoring registrations and be reaching out to impacted players that register for Lower County, but are now located (by their school o home address) in Upper County.  For those that may choose whether they would like to play in Upper or Lower County, such designation must be made when registering for spring player evaluations.

Questions:  Email us at

Eligible Schools 

Upper Montgomery County Schools

Elementary Schools

Bayard Rustin ES (Change from 2021)

Beall ES

Bells Mill ES (Change from 2021)

Belmont ES

Beverly Farms ES (Change from 2021)

Brooke Grove ES

Brown Station ES

Candlewood ES

Capt. James Daly ES

Cashell ES

Cedar Grove ES

Christa McAuliffe ES

Clarksburg ES

Clearspring ES

Clopper Mill ES

Cold Spring ES (Change from 2021)

College Gardens ES

Damascus ES

Darnestown ES

Diamond ES

Dufief ES

Fallsmead ES (Change from 2021)

Fields Road ES

Flower Hill ES

Flower Valley ES

Fox Chapel ES

Gaithersburg ES

Germantown ES

Goshen ES

Great Seneca ES

Greenwood ES

Jones Lane ES

Judy Resnick ES

Lake Seneca ES

Lakewood ES

Laytonsville ES

Little Bennett ES

Lois P. Rockwell ES

Maryvale ES

Matsunaga ES

Meadow Hall ES (Change from 2021)

Mill Creek Town ES

Monocacy ES

Olney ES

Poolesville ES

Rachel Carson ES

Ritchie Park ES (Change from 2021)

Ronald McNair ES

Rosemont ES

Potomac ES (Change from 2021)

Sally Ride ES

Seven Locks ES (Change from 2021)

Sequoyah ES

Sherwood ES

South Lake ES

Stedwick ES

Stone Mill ES

Strawberry Knoll ES

Summit Hall ES

Thurgood Marshall ES

Travilah ES

Twinbrook ES (Change from 2021)

Washington Grove ES

Waters Landing ES

Watkins Mill ES

Wayside ES (Change from 2021)

Whetstone ES

William Gibbs ES

Wilson Wims ES

Woodfield ES

Middle Schools

Baker, John T. MS

Cabin John MS (Change from 2021)

Clemente, Roberto W. MS

Farquhar, William H. MS

Forest Oak MS

Gaithersburg MS

Hallie Wells MS

Herbert Hoover MS (Change from 2021)

King, Jr., Dr. Martin Luther MS 

Kingsview MS

Lakelands Park MS

Montgomery Village MS

Neelsville MS

Parks, Rosa M. MS

Poole, John MS

Redland MS

Ridgeview MS

Robert Frost MS

Rocky Hill MS

Shady Grove MS

High Schools

Clarksburg HS

Col. Zadok Magruder HS

Damascus HS

Gaithersburg HS

Northwest HS

Poolesville HS

Quince Orchard HS

Rockville HS (Change from 2021)

Seneca Valley HS

Sherwood HS

Thomas S. Wootton HS

Watkins Mill HS

Winston Churchill HS (Change from 2021)

Lower Montgomery County Schools

Elementary Schools

Arcola ES

Ashburton ES

Bannockburn ES

Bel Pre ES

Bethesda ES

Bradley Hills ES

Broad Acres (JoAnn Leleck) ES

Brookhaven ES

Burning Tree ES

Burnt Mill ES

Carderock Springs ES

Carole Highlands ES

Chevy Chase ES

Cresthaven ES

East Silver Spring ES

Farmland ES

Flora Singer ES

Forest Knolls ES

Garret Park ES

Georgian Forest ES

Glen Haven ES

Glenallen ES

Harmony Hills ES

Highland ES

Highland View ES

Kemp Mill ES

Kensington Parkwood ES

Lucy Barnsley ES

Luxmanor ES

Montgomery Knolls ES

New Hampshire Estates ES

North Chevy Chase ES

Oakland Terrace ES

Oakview ES

Pine Crest ES

Piney Branch ES

Rock Creek Forest ES

Rock Creek Valley ES

Rock View ES

Rolling Terrace ES

Roscoe Nix ES

Rosemary Hills ES

Sargent Shriver ES

Sligo Creek ES

Somerset ES

Stonegate ES

Strathmore ES

Takoma Park ES

Viers Mill ES

Weller Road ES

Westbrook ES

Westover ES

Wheaton Woods ES

Wood Acres ES

Woodlin ES

Wyngate ES

Middle Schools

Argyle MS

Eastern MS

Key, Francis Scott MS

Lee, Col. E. Brooke MS

Loiederman, A. Mario MS

Newport Mill MS

North Bethesda MS

Parkland MS

Pyle, Thomas W. MS

Silver Creek MS

Silver Spring Int'l MS

Sligo MS

Takoma Park MS

Tilden MS

West, Julius MS

Westland MS

Wood, Earle B. MS

High Schools

Albert Einstein HS

Bethesda‑Chevy Chase HS

James Hubert Blake HS

John F. Kennedy HS

Montgomery Blair HS

Northwood HS

Richard Montgomery HS

Springbrook HS

Walt Whitman HS

Walter Johnson HS

Wheaton HS