Rain Out Policy

The following policy describes the notification process for inclement weather, the closing of fields, and the cancellation of games.

MCLL does not decide when fields are closed. The league permits fields through various organizations, primarily Montgomery County Parks. The County decides when a field is unusable and MCLL monitors those closures. 

If a GAME field is closed, causing a game to be canceled, then MCLL will cancel the game in SSUPlay and parents will be notified by email and/or text message.  If a PRACTICE field is closed, your coach will determine if practice is canceled or if they will move to an alternate location (backyard, batting cage). We CANNOT use a field that is closed. Doing so risks fines and revocation of permits. 


If a game is canceled, the SSUPlay system will send an email to all players and coaches that are affected by the canceled game. In addition, a banner will be shown on the League PortalSSUPlay Field Closures

Inclement Weather Decision

In the event of inclement weather, we will do our best to collect the information and update the portal; however, if there is no message canceling the games, teams should report to the field. A decision to cancel games due to field or weather conditions on-site shall be made by the umpire and/or the managers. Any team failing to report to the field will lose the game by forfeit.

All rescheduled games MUST be scheduled through the appropriate Division Commissioner.

Notification Lines

Montgomery County Fields

Montgomery County has a new system for reporting field closures.  


City of Gaithersburg Fields

To determine the status of Gaithersburg fields (Kelley, Morris, Lakelands) call 240-805-1139.

Montgomery Village

Montgomery Village does not have a field status line.