Montgomery County Little League (MCLL)

2023 Local Rules

Softball Minors Division

Ratified: March 2023

MCLL will be governed by the official Little League Softball Rules unless noted and modified below. Please be familiar with the official LL rules. The rules below are primarily to help clarify common areas of confusion, emphasize safety rules or set a local rule that varies from a Little League rule. Rules related to safety, good sportsmanship and the proper teaching of fundamental baseball skills should receive the highest priority. 

Note:  For D2 Games rules may differ from those listed here.  The Division Commissioner will notify teams participating in D2 games of any rule variations.  Coaches should be sure to check-in with the Division Commissioner prior to any D2 games. 



All players shall wear the appropriate Little League patches on their uniforms. 





a) There is NO traditional stealing at the Minors level. 

b) Runners may advance from 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd ONLY on passed balls, defined a ball not in immediate vicinity and catcher has to move more than two steps to retrieve

c) If the catcher blocks a ball that remains in front or to the side of the catcher, this is NOT considered a passed ball. 

d) There is one steal Home per inning at the Minors level. Otherwise, runners on 3rd may only advance home on a batted ball put in play or a defensive play made on the runner at 3rd base. 4) Runners may NOT advance on an errant throw back to the pitcher. 


PITCHING: Hybrid model is only used through the first three games. Afterward, we revert to 4 ball/3 strikes. 

a. Player will pitch to a batter. 

b. If the batter receives 4 balls, a Coach from the team hitting will come in and finish the batter. Any strikes on the batter will remain when the Coach comes in. 

c. A maximum of 4 pitches should be delivered unless there is a foul tip on the 4th pitch which continues the at-bat at 1-pitch intervals. The player may only advance on a batted ball or strike out with three strikes. Failure to hit the ball after 4 pitches shall be counted as a strike out. There is no runner advancement on a passed ball when the Coach is pitching. 

d. Coach Pitcher is not a play-maker, and should move out of the field of play as much as possible. 

e. If the Coach is struck by the batted ball, the ball is dead, batter is awarded first base and  and only runners that would be forced may advance. 

Umpire Summary for Minors Softball 

Game Format 

- 6 innings 

- 10-run mercy rule after 4 innings 

- 5-run limit per inning 

- No new inning after 1 hour 45 minutes from scheduled start time.

- Hard stop at 2 hours from scheduled start time. 

Field Rules 

- Infield Fly Rule is in effect

- Dropped 3rd strike is an OUT 

- Runners may only “steal” on a passed ball (more than two steps from catcher). - One steal of home per half inning

- No runner advance on a catcher’s return throw to the pitcher (i.e., no delayed steals). 

- Balks are not called but there can be illegal pitches. 

- One base on an overthrow to first base unless an attempt is made to get the runner out at 2nd which then results in another overthrow. 

- Hybrid Player Pitch (only first 3 games), after 4 balls the coach comes in to finish off the batter, there are no walks. Strikes are carried over. Coach can pitch a maximum of 4 additional pitches that results in a batted ball or strike out (unless there is a foul tip, then 1 additional pitch). 

- Pitch must hit the batter in the air to be considered HBP.