Montgomery County Little League (MCLL)

2023 Local Rules

Softball Majors Division

Ratified:  March 2023

MCLL will be governed by the official Little League Softball Rules unless noted and modified below. Please be familiar with the official LL rules. The rules below are primarily to help clarify common areas of confusion, emphasize safety rules or set a local rule that varies from a Little League rule. Rules related to safety, good sportsmanship and the proper teaching of fundamental baseball skills should receive the highest priority. 

Note:  For D2 Games rules may differ from those listed here.  The Division Commissioner will notify teams participating in D2 games of any rule variations.  Coaches should be sure to check-in with the Division Commissioner prior to any D2 games. 

Team Composition



Time Limits



Umpire Summary for Majors 

Game Format 

▪ 7 Innings 

▪ Mercy rule:  15 after 3; 10 after 4; 8 after 5 innings 

▪ No new inning after 2 hrs following scheduled start time

▪ Hard stop at 2 hr 15 mins following scheduled start time

Field Rules 

▪ Pitching rubber is 40ft from home. Bases are 60’ apart. 

▪ Infield Fly in effect 

▪ Dropped 3rd strike in effect 

▪ Runners may not take a lead and cannot leave the base until the pitcher has released the ball.

▪ One offensive timeout per inning.