Using Sports Connect and GameChanger

Using Your Team Page


You can communicate with your team, set practices, save files, and more from your Team Page.

Remember, you must be logged in to the Sport Connect website before you can access your page. 

Managers and coaches can access their Team Pages in two ways:




You can also access your page and communicate with your team via the Game Changer mobile app, which you can download here.

For a full list of functionality available on the team page, please see this article.


GameChanger App

GameChanger is an app for your phone that integrates with SportsConnect. 

Importing Your Team from Sports Connect to GameChanger

Before importing your team, you must download the GameChanger app from the Apple App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android)

Additionally, make sure that:

How to import your Sports Connect Team

1. Sign in to GameChanger with the same email address you use with Sports Connect

2. Tap Create Team or the "+" sign to create a new team

3. Choose the option to Import Sports Connect 

4. If you haven't already confirmed your email address, click Open Email App which will direct you to your email. Select Confirm Email Address, and you'll be redirected back to the GameChanger app.

5. Select the team(s) to import. Make sure the team(s) you want to import have a check next to them, and then tap import in the upper corner of the screen. You will see the status of teams importing at the bottom of the screen. 

This feature will import player/schedule information into the mobile app. Schedule and Roster updates made after the team import will automatically sync within the mobile app. 

Note: You can only import your team from Sports Connect to GameChanger one time.

IMPORTANT: PLEASE MAKE ALL SCHEDULING CHANGES THROUGH THE WEBSITE AND NOT THE APP. Any updates made to your schedule or roster through the site will automatically update to the GameChanger app. However, events that are listed as "Rescheduled" or "Postponed" on Sports Connect will not appear in GameChanger. 

Game Reporting

Reporting Scores

The home team manager is responsible to update the game's final score.

To input your team's score:

1. Navigate to your team page and click the Calendar tab.

2. On the calendar page, click on Results.

3. Enter the run totals and click Enter.


Reporting Pitch Counts

After each game, both managers are responsible for each of their team's pitch counts.

Both teams should exchange their pitchers' full names and accurate game pitch counts. The home team is responsible for collecting and submitting the score of the game along with both team's pitch counts.

This information should be added to the site (see above).