Tee-Ball FAQ

When is the first practice of the season?

Your coach will contact you via email (on file with your registration) once they schedule the first practice, usually one week prior to the first game.  

When is the first game of the season?

The game schedule is set prior to Opening Day. Typically, the first game is the first weekend of April, unless Spring Break is in session for Montgomery County Public Schools. 

What time and how long are games?

Tee-ball games are usually scheduled in the morning on Saturdays, occasionally games may be played on other days or times to make up for rainouts. Games usually take 1 hour and have a 1 1/2-hour limit.

When and where are practices?

Each coach will set practice times for the team. Practices are generally held once a week and last for 45 minutes to an hour. Practice locations depend on available field permits and are usually located near the players' homes and/or schools. Practice locations will not be published until just before the season starts -- late March for Spring and late August for Fall.

What equipment do I need?

We ask that each child have a glove, bat, and helmet. It is okay if you want to wait until after the first practice to purchase equipment. 

There are several places to buy tee-ball equipment - eBay, Dick's, Modell's, Walmart, Amazon. You may choose to buy used equipment in good condition given that the kids grow out of things quickly at this age.

Does my kid need cleats?

No, cleats are not a requirement for tee-ball. If cleats are used they must be plastic or rubber -- they cannot be metal cleats for safety purposes.

Do I need my own bat?

Most children have their own bat. 

Do I need to buy a uniform?

Uniforms are provided to each child and are covered as part of the registration costs.

I would like to coach my child’s team, how do I sign up to coach?

What is the benefit of combined Saturday practices and games?

We offer the option of having a practice directly followed by a game -- once weekly. The argument for practice+game Saturdays is that the practice introduces concepts and ideas, which are better remembered with a context-based situation (game) that same day. The idea is to provide the immediate small-scale drill format during practice, and then reinforce that skill in context-based play that a game provides. This format results in better retention of new skills.