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Please consider becoming a sponsor for Montgomery County Little League and help the children of Montgomery County “Play Ball.”

Montgomery County Little League (MCLL), due to the incredible generosity of our 2017 sponsors, enabled us to:

This past year your incredible support enabled us to:

    • Outfit nearly 1,000 boys and girls ages 4-15 to play baseball and softball.
    • Replace aging team equipment and purchase additional due to our increased registrations.
    • Give lifelong memories to kids, parents, families, and coaches.

MCLL “Opening Day” was once again a rousing success - even on a very chilly day! Our annual team parade followed by sponsor introductions, First Pitch Ceremony, activities for families - including the Washington Nationals NatMobile, and sponsors interaction with players, parents, and coaches was phenomenal! We were even featured on Channel 5 News, as reporter Lauren DeMarco was part of our outstanding event!!

We are even more excited about the 2018 season and hope you will continue your generous support. In 2018 we are adding even more incredible opportunities for our families:

    • Our indoor Winter Workout Programs for baseball at Montgomery College will continue to expand. Over 200 players will be able to participate with the MC Raptors Baseball Team.
    • For the first time ever, our Girls Softball division will also have their own indoor Winter Workout program! This will help both our experienced players and those looking to gain additional skills.
    • The Girls Softball division, just added in 2017, continues to flourish. In 2018 we will have 5 divisions for girls ages 6-16 providing the best opportunity to help our girls to grow and thrive!
    • We are very proud to be adding the Challenger Division for 2018. This division provides boys and girls with physical and developmental challenges the benefits of Little League participation.

In 2018 your sponsorship will also give you the ability to follow your team, including game schedules - something you have asked for! In addition, you have direct access to us, email us at sponsor@mclittleleague.org for any of your needs - we are here to help!

Please remember, MCLL is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that develops superior citizens through athletics and the life lessons presented in both baseball and softball. We promote learning, fun, good sportsmanship, and self-esteem. Your donation provides support for these athletes as well as valuable exposure for your business within the community. As always, your charitable donation is tax deductible.

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Thank you again for your support!

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