Spring 2021 Registration


Registration for Fall 2021 will open on or about June 30, 2021


The season runs Late March/Early April - June. Practices start in Mid to Late March.*

Complete uniforms provided to all players (hat, uniform, socks, pants).


Game schedules are set 1-2 weeks prior to the start of the season. Practice day, time, and location are set by the individual coaches following team formation and based on permit availability which the league obtains from Montgomery County. While we are unable to provide field information during registration here is our field list from past seasons. Field acquisition is subject to availability as part of the Montgomery County field permitting process that occurs in February.

Divisions of Play

  • Tee-Ball (boys and girls) - League Ages 4-6

    • One game per week. Games are on Saturday mornings.

    • One practice per week. Specific weekday night or weekend day will be set by the individual coaches.

    • Approximately 8 games (weather permitting)

  • Coach Pitch Baseball (boys and girls)- League Ages 6-8.

      • Coach Pitch Rookie Ball- Will use a tee rescue (players cannot strikeout), score will not be kept except for purposes of ending a half inning, games will be 90 minutes (up to 5 innings) and other rules will be used to aide with player development for younger and new or less experienced coach pitch players. This level is recommended for advanced league age 5 players (playing up from Tee-Ball), new/developing league age 6 players, and new league age 7 players.

      • Coach Pitch Advanced- Will use traditional coach pitch rules, including keeping score, no tee will be used during games even if a batter is unable to get a hit after a set number of pitches, have two hour games (up to six innings), and other rules to aide in player development for older and more advanced coach pitch players. This level is recommended for advanced league age 6 players, developing league age 7 players, and new league age 8 players.

  • Kid Pitch Baseball (boys and girls) - League Ages 8-16 (Minors AA, Minors AAA, Majors, Intermediate, Juniors, Seniors)

      • Approximately two games per week, with 12 games total + playoffs (weather dependent). Games are on Saturday mornings and usually one weekday night (Sunday for Intermediate Division or Sabbath teams (based on demand)).

      • One practice per week. Specific weekday night or weekend day will be set by the individual coaches.

  • Coach Pitch Softball (girls) - League Ages 6-8

      • One to two games per week, with 10 games total + playoffs (weather dependent). Games are on Sundays and up to one weekday nights.

      • One practice per week. Specific weekday night or weekend day will be set by the individual coaches.

  • Kid Pitch Softball (girls)- Minors, Majors, and Juniors/Seniors

      • Approximately two games per week, with 12 games total + playoffs (weather dependent and based on Division). Games are on Sundays and usually one weekday night

          • To allow for Juniors/Seniors athletes to also play for their high school teams, Juniors/Seniors will have games one or two weeknights each week plus Sundays for the first three weeks of the MCLL season, after which games will be on Sundays only.

      • One practice per week. Practices are typically held on a weeknight. Specific practice day and time will be set by the individual coaches.



  • Tee-Ball (ages 4-6): $75*

  • Coach Pitch (ages 6-8)*

      • Rookie Ball (Beginner): $125*

      • Advanced: $175*

  • Kid Pitch (ages 8-16)

      • Minors AA (ages 8-10): $225*

      • Minors AAA (ages 9-11): $225*

      • Majors (ages 10-12): $225*

      • Intermediates (50/70 fields - ages 11-13): $275

      • Juniors (60/90 fields - ages 12-14): $275

      • Seniors (60/90 fields - ages 13-16): $275

*Registration is conducted by geography, pricing is the same (Lower County- Games/Practices generally held in Bethesda & Silver Spring & Upper County- Games/Practices held in Germantown/Gaithersburg/North Potomac)


  • Coach Pitch (ages 6-8): $150

  • Kid Pitch (ages 8-16)

      • Minors (ages 8-11): $225

      • Majors (ages 9-12): $225

      • Juniors/Seniors (ages 13-16): $275

Little League and MCLL provide scholarships to those in need of financial assistance.

See our full description of Divisions.

See the League Age Calculator to determine what level of play your child is eligible to play.

For problems with registration e-mail registration@mclittleleague.org.

For general league information or questions e-mail info@mclittleleague.org.

*Season schedule subject to change based on County COVID restrictions.

Refund Policy


Early Bird Discount - If registered on or before 12/31/2020 you will receive a $10 discount on each registered child.

Family Discount - If you have multiple children you receive a $25 discount on each registered child after the first one.

Multi-Division Discount - If you register for BOTH Intermediate and either Majors or Juniors you will receive of 50% off the lower priced division.


  • Administrative Fees: $20 non-refundable (applied once per order so long as children in the same household are registered at the same time)

  • Late Fees (if registered after February 18, 2020):

    • $15 (For TBall)

    • $25 (Other Divisions & Clinics)


To see the MCLL boundary as well as the dividing line between the Upper County and Lower County divisions see this Google map. If you click on the magnifying glass in the linked page then you can enter your home address into the left side of the screen and it will identify where it is located while still showing the MCLL boundaries. The same process can be done for the player’s school (although we list out which schools fall within either boundary on the “Eligible Schools” page of our website.


In general as a league, our players need to reside or attend schools (public or private but not home schooled) within our boundary in order to play in our league. So if a player lives in Bethesda then he/she would be inside the Lower County boundary and should register there. If that same player attends a private school in Germantown then the parents/player have the option to register the player in either boundary since the school is in the Upper County boundary but they live in the Lower County boundary.

Players Age Restrictions

  • Baseball/Softball: The player age follows the Little League Age Determination chart. See the League Age Calculator to determine what level of play your child is eligible to play.


In order to be eligible to play in Montgomery County Little League, players must either reside within the area of the boundary map or attend an accredited school within that area (MCPS or private schools but not home-schooled) unless they already have been granted an exception. Please review the boundary map or the listing of MCPS schools to verify that you are eligible.


If you would like to be either a head coach or an assistant coach of a team you may register using SSU using the same account setup to register your child. You may do this at the same time you register your child during the Player Registration process.


Player evaluations are held for all players that are registered to play in the baseball Minors (AA/AAA) and Majors Divisions (including returning majors players). An evaluation for softball players is currently under consideration and will be announced closer to the season. The evaluation process is intended to ensure proper division placement and maintain balanced teams. The evaluation process is not a tryout. All players that register are assigned to a team regardless of skill or baseball/softball experience. Tee-ball, coach pitch (baseball and softball), baseball intermediates, baseball juniors, and baseball seniors players are all excluded from evaluations. For more information see our Player Evaluation page. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic we are evaluating how to safely conduct evaluations and the manner the occur and who is evaluated may change.


Team sponsor fees help to keep the player registration fees down and provide a top quality baseball/softball experience. If you know of a business or other contact that may be willing to sponsor a team, please contact our sponsorship team or e-mail info@mclittleleague.org with the name and other information so we may contact them.

Parent Contract

During registration parents will be asked to review and accept the Parent Contract. The Parent Contract documents our expectations of behavior by parents and players participating in the league.

Health & Safety

Parents, players and coaches need to be aware of the Maryland law regarding concussions. Included in the Parent's Contract is the disclosure that you have read the information provided regarding concussions and that you will discuss that material with your child so that they may also become aware of the potential issue. Coaches will also need to receive additional training of how to recognize and what to do in case a player shows symptoms of a concussion while participating in recreational sports. See the Concussion Info page for more information about concussions. A copy of MCLL's 'A Safety Awareness Plan' (ASAP) and COVID-19 Return to Play Plan can be found here. Additional health and safety protocols will be implemented, as necessary, to comply with State, County, and LIttle League COVID-19 health and safety requirements. Prior to registering and participating in any MCLL sponsored practice, game, clinic, or event participants are responsible for reviewing all health and safety protocols. Subject to the discretion of the MCLL Board of Directors, failure to abide by any Little League requirement, MCLL's Code of Conduct, or any health and safety protocol may result in a participant (player or spectator) from being prohibited from participating in and/or attending MCLL events.

Summer Tournament Teams

More information to come based on guidance from Little League International based on COVID.

Challenger and Miracle League Information

The Little League Challenger Division is a non-aged restricted adaptive special needs baseball program that provides mentally and physically challenged players the opportunity of participating in an outdoor team sport. Baseball skills are taught at appropriate levels depending upon the severity of disability which can include non-verbal players and mentally disabled players, including autism spectrum disorders. Families are invited to contact the Challenger program at https://www.facebook.com/frederickchallenger, or contact Carl Hobbs at 301-788-4545 for more information.

MCLL also supports the Miracle League which provides a program for wheelchair bound players or those with other physical disabilities. The field is a rubberized material and located in Boyds, MD. Players are able to participate with support of on-field buddies that assist where necessary. Please contact Sean Ryan at MLMCBB@gmail.com or 301-509-9832 for additional info on the Miracle League.


Your coach will be your main contact with the league once the season gets under way but prior to then or even during the season you can always send questions to info@mclittleleague.org. We also are always looking for volunteers to assist in various league functions. If you have any interest in volunteering in any capacity please let us know.

Please remember to add yourself to our mailing list by submitting your information below.