2023 Tournament Teams and Information

Congratulations to our 2023 All-Star Teams! MCLL will field 13 teams from upper county, lower county, and softball for this year's tournament. Games start at the District level, then progress to States, Regionals, and for our 10-12 levels older levels the World Series, including in Williamsport, PA for the 10-12-year-old baseball level.  

District Tournament Dates

June 24-July 1:  Intermediates Baseball; 8-10 Baseball; 10-12 Softball; Juniors Softball

July 1-July 8:  9-11 Baseball; 8-10 Softball; 9-11 Softball; 

July 8-15:  10-12 Baseball and Juniors Baseball

State Tournament Dates (more dates will be provided here based on teams that advance)

July 8- Seniors Softball (Hosted by D5, Perryville LL, Town Hall Field, Perryville, MD)

Click here for the full schedule, game locations, and updates to the brackets as the Tournament season progresses.  

Following Teams on Game Changer.  Below you can find each team's GameChanger handle so you can follow them throughout their tournament run.  To search and add a team on GameChanger, download the app and follow these instructions

MCLL teams have won a State Championship at various levels the last three years it was held --  in 2019, 2021 and 2022 -- and we are looking to make that four years in row! 

Good luck to all of our teams and talented MCLL players!  


Lower County 12U (GameChanger: MCLL LC 12u All Stars)

Lower County 11U (GameChanger:  MCLL LC 11u All Stars)

Lower County 10U (GameChanger: MCLL LC 10u All Stars)

Upper County 12U (GameChanger:  MCLL UC 10-12 All Stars 12U)

Upper County 11U (GameChanger:  MCLL UC 9-11 All Stars)

Upper County 10U (GameChanger:  MCLL UC 8-10U All-Stars)

Baseball Intermediates - Lower County (MCLL Intermediate All-Stars LC 12U)

Baseball Intermediates - Upper County (GameChanger:  UC Intermediates All-Stars

Baseball Juniors (GameChanger: MCLL Juniors All Stars 14U)


Softball 12U (GameChanger: MCLL AllStar Team 12U)

Softball 11U (GameChanger: MCLL 9-11 Softball All-Stars)

Softball 10U (GameChanger: MCLL Softball All Stars 10U)

Softball Juniors (GameChanger: MCLL Juniors All Star Team)