Fall Registration

NOTE: We are testing a new registration system this fall for softball – TeamLinkt. We will continue to use SportsConnect for baseball registrations. 

If you want to register a child for both baseball and softball, you will need an account on both systems. Please contact registration@mclittleleague.org to receive your multi-child discount and a refund of the second administrative fee. 

Registration for fall baseball is closed.

Registration for Spring ball will open in November. Click here to be added to our mailing list.

Softball Juniors is waitlist only. Click the link below to sign up.


For problems with registration, e-mail registration@mclittleleague.org

For general league information or questions, e-mail info@mclittleleague.org

Click here for a list of important dates for the fall season.

Baseball & Softball FAQs | Tee-ball FAQs

Season Information

Fall 2023 Season Focus

The Fall baseball/softball season includes league play at all division levels.  The MCLL Fall season has a developmental focus and is an opportunity for players to try the division they may play next Spring. Players may also choose to play at their age level from the prior Spring season. There are no playoffs unless otherwise noted.  No player evaluations are required for the Fall season.  All players that register by the registration deadline will be placed on a team.

Fall 2023 Season Schedule 

8/15: Registration ends

9/9: first games, all levels 

10/28: final weekend of play

*Due to our reliance on the granting of permits by Montgomery County, we cannot set schedules concretely in advance.  Practice schedules are set by individual coaches and cannot be provided until teams are formed. 

Baseball Divisions (Boys & Girls):

Tee-Ball - Ages 4-6

Coach Pitch "Rookie Ball" - Ages 5-7

Coach Pitch "Minors A" - Ages 6-8

Minors AA - Ages 8-10

Majors - Ages 10-12

Intermediates - Ages 12-13

Juniors - Ages 12-15

Softball Divisions (Girls):

Most weekend games for all softball levels take place on Sunday, not Saturday.

Coach Pitch - Ages 6-8

Minors AA - Ages 8-10

Minors AAA - Ages 9-11

Majors - Ages 10-12

Juniors-  Ages 13-14

Seniors - Ages 14-16

See our full description of Divisions.

See the League Age Calculator to determine what level of play your child is eligible to play.

Divisions and Price - Fall 2023

$20 non-refundable administrative fee (once per order so long as children are registered at the same time).

See our full description of Divisions.



See our full description of Divisions.

For problems with registration e-mail registration@mclittleleague.org.

For general league information or questions e-mail info@mclittleleague.org.

Refund Policy


Family Discount - If you have multiple children you receive a $25 discount on each registered child after the first one.



MCLL is committed to promoting baseball and softball in our community and believes all children should have the opportunity to participate in our programs. Montgomery County Little League (MCLL) will not deny any child a chance to play baseball or softball due to financial hardship. Full or partial scholarships are available. The scholarship application will close one week prior to the close of registration. 

Boundary & Eligibility

To see the MCLL boundary and the dividing line between the Upper County and Lower County divisions, view the Boundary Map.  If you click on the magnifying glass on the linked page, then enter your home address on the left side of the screen, it will show whether your address falls within MCLL boundaries.  The same process can be completed for the player’s school. A list of schools that fall within either boundary can be found by visiting the Eligible Schools section of our website.

In general, our players need to reside OR attend school within our boundaries in order to play in our league.  So if a player lives in Bethesda then he/she would be inside the Lower County boundary and should register there.  If that same player attends a private school in Germantown, then the parents/player have the option to register the player in either boundary since the school is in the Upper County boundary but they live within the Lower County boundary. 

Player Age Restrictions


We're always looking for volunteers! If you would like to be either a manager or an assistant coach, you may register using SportsConnect.

Health & Safety

Parents, players and coaches need to be aware of the Maryland law regarding concussions. Included in the Parent's Contract is the disclosure that you have read the information provided regarding concussions and that you will discuss that material with your child so that they may also become aware of the potential issue. Coaches will also need to receive additional training of how to recognize and what to do in case a player shows symptoms of a concussion while participating in recreational sports. See the Concussion Info page for more information about concussions.  A copy of MCLL's "A Safety Awareness Plan" (ASAP) and COVID-19 Return to Play Plan can be found here.  Additional health and safety protocols will be implemented, as necessary, to comply with State, County, and LIttle League COVID-19 health and safety requirements.  Prior to registering and participating in any MCLL-sponsored practice, game, clinic, or event participants are responsible for reviewing all health and safety protocols.  Subject to the discretion of the MCLL Board of Directors, failure to abide by any Little League requirement, MCLL's Code of Conduct, or any health and safety protocol may result in a participant (player or spectator) being prohibited from participating in and/or attending MCLL events.


Please check our FAQ page if you have questions. Your coach will be your main contact with the league once the season gets underway but you can always send questions to info@mclittleleague.org. We also are always looking for volunteers to assist in various league functions. If you have any interest in volunteering, please let us know.