Fall 2024 Registration

Please read this page where you will find essential information for each division of play.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fall 2024 Season Focus

The Fall baseball/softball season includes league play at all division levels.  The MCLL Fall season has a developmental focus and is an opportunity for players to try the division they may play next Spring. Players may also choose to play at their age level from the prior Spring season. There are no playoffs unless otherwise noted.  No player evaluations are required for the Fall season.  All players that register by the registration deadline will be placed on a team.


We're always looking for volunteers! If you would like to be either a manager or an assistant coach, you may register using TeamLinkt.

Fall 2024 Season Schedule 

*Due to our reliance on the granting of permits by Montgomery County, we cannot set schedules concretely in advance.  Practice schedules are set by individual coaches and cannot be provided until teams are formed. 

Registration Information


Registration System - TeamLinkt


League Age

See the League Age Calculator to determine what level of play your child is eligible to play.  Your child's "league age" is determined based on their age as of August 31 of the current year for baseball and December 31 of the previous year for softball. 

MCLL Player Eligibility

In order to be eligible to play in Montgomery County Little League, players must either reside within the area of the boundary map or attend a school within that area unless they already have been granted a waiver

Lower County vs Upper County

To see the dividing line between the Upper County and Lower County divisions see this map.  If you click on the magnifying glass on the linked page then you can enter your home address into the left side of the screen and it will identify where it is located while still showing the MCLL boundaries.  The same process can be done for the player’s school (although we list out which schools fall within either boundary on our Eligible Schools List


Frequently Asked Questions

Your coach will be your main contact with the league once the season gets underway but prior to then or even during the season you can always send questions to info@mclittleleague.org. We also are always looking for volunteers to assist in various league functions. If you have any interest in volunteering in any capacity please let us know. 




Late Fees

Refund Policy

Divisions and Price - Fall 2024

See our full description of Divisions.



See our full description of Divisions.

Baseball Divisions (Boys & Girls):


Tee-Ball - Ages 4-6

Coach Pitch

Coach Pitch "Rookie Ball" - Ages 5-7

Coach Pitch - Ages 6-8

Baseball (kid-pitch)

Minors A - Player/Coach Pitch Hybrid - Ages 7-9

Minors AA - Ages 8-10

Minors AAA - Ages 9-11

Majors - Ages 10-12

Teen Ball

Intermediates - Ages 11-13

Juniors - Ages 12-15

Softball Divisions (Girls):

Most weekend games for all softball levels take place on Sunday, not Saturday.

Tee-Ball Division (League Ages 4-6)

This program is for young players just learning the game. Tee-Ball utilizes an adjustable batting tee for hitting. The program is based on Little League International's core curriculum that features structured learning, highlighted by one practice and one Sunday game per week. Over the course of the season, coaches and parents will engage in a series of lessons utilizing up to 40 activities that include skills, drills, and plenty of physical activity. 

Coach Pitch - Ages 6-8

Minors AA - Ages 8-10

Minors AAA - Ages 9-11

Majors - Ages 10-12

Juniors-  Ages 13-14

Seniors - Ages 14-16